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Shelby Staub Hunter

Cinematographer & Photographer

Hi!! I'm a born and raised Arizonan living on the East Coast in Jersey. I travel frequently between the two and anywhere in between. My 2022 travel agenda includes Utah, Illinois, New Mexico, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and all over Arizona! I began Dear Heart Films in 2016 and I worked diligently to develop my style into what you see today. In 2020, I took my business full time and changed my brand name to Dear Heart Film + Portraits.

As an artist, my work comes from my heart. I truly believe everyone has their own unique beauty and I desire for my clients to be confident in this as well. I love to encourage you not only through the pictures I take, but also through the time we spend together!


In my free time, you will find me enjoying my fantastic friends, binging a show on Netflix, or just relaxing at the pool.

Fast Facts:

-A Dutch Bros Rebel is the key to keeping me awake. I'm currently searching for a replacement now that I'm on the East Coast. Open to suggestions!


-If I could play with puppies all day, I would.


-I interned for Marvel Entertainment and had the best summer of my life in New York City.


-I married my amazing husband October 6th, 2018. He is also a photographer and occasionally joins me on some of my shoots!

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let's get creative!

Bride, groom, photographer,wedding
Photographer, wedding, camera, Canon, bride
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