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Whether you're an entrepreneur starting your next venture, a lifestyle influencer balancing your own socials, or the successful head of a long-standing business, you have a brand to nourish and grow!

Here's the facts:

Social media platforms like Instagram need you to post consistently in order to grow a following

Creating and maintaining an aesthetic with your feed is important branding

Followers need to know who is behind the brand in order to trust you

Do you need

more content -> so you can post consistently

lifestyle photos of yourself -> so you can show how cool you are to your following

branding photoshoots that won't break the bank -> so you can invest smartly


the confidence to show who you are -- let me be your hype woman

I can cheer for you through all your victories and encourage you along the way

I'm here to help you. I can give you consistent professional photos you need for your website or social media pages with an easy to manage subscription.

So, what's the process?

1) Pick your subscription

2) Submit your availability

3) Schedule your shoots each month

4) Show up looking like a boss

5) Get photos the next day



- 1 photoshoot a month

- 2 hours long, 4 outfits

-all photos from the session

-editing permission

-you pick the location from a list



- 2 photoshoots a month

- 1 1/2 hours long, 3 outfits

-all photos from the session

-editing permission

-you pick the location

-can bring 1 person with you to 1 shoot



- 4 photoshoots a month

- 1 hour long, 2 outfits

-all photos from the session

-editing permission

-you pick the location

-can bring 1 person with you to 2 shoots



You pick the two days of the week that work the best for your schedule as well as the times--morning (8am-11am) or evening (3pm-6pm). Like Sunday morning and Tuesday evening


At the end of the month, I send out a scheduling email where I give you dates that are within your availability and you pick the ones that work for you that month. You pick locations you want to shoot. Having trouble coming up with ideas? I have a list for you to look through!

Show up

Depending on the subscription you chose, we shoot for 1-2 hours with multiple outfit changes.


You receive all the photos from our session within 24 hours of the shoot. I go through them and do a preliminary sort for you. If there are any blinks, testing shots, etc I put them in a separate folder for you so you have an easier time looking through everything. You then have all the rights to edit the photos to your heart's content. This allows you to edit the photos in your own style that fits your brand.


I have an insane month and can't fit in photoshoots!

-Cancel your membership by the 30th and you won't be charged for the next month. That way you can pick it up the next month!

Why do I have to edit the photos? Can't you do them?

-I could, but giving you the right to edit the photos leaves the power with you. Most photographers would never give you editing rights, leaving you tied to their editing style which may or may not go with your aesthetic. 

Where are you located?

-I am based in Central New Jersey, but willing to travel basically anywhere. 

Can I bring props?


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